Adult Sunday School Classes

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church


Adult Classes:  Fall


August 26th-December 16th 9:30-10:30 am Sundays


College Class: Minor Prophets Survey (Breakfast begins on Aug. 19; class on Aug. 26)

Teachers: Bill Reynolds, Kyle Strom, and Andy Wood

These last 12 books of the Old Testament are only called “minor” because they are short. But otherwise there is nothing minor about them. Come see how each one of these prophetic books points us to God’s promise of grace in Jesus, even in the midst of Israel’s failure and judgment.  Breakfast served every Sunday morning.  While geared for students of VT, RU, and NRCC, we love to have a few other adults attend the class as well.  See Andy if interested.


Bible Class: The Gospel of Matthew

  Teacher: Tom Gardner

This class will be a 17-week survey of the book of Matthew, covering sessions I and II.  Matthew is the longest and arguably the richest Gospel, full of Old Testament allusions showing how Jesus is the Second Adam, Moses & David, God in the flesh, and Savior.  Along with reading the Gospel closely, we will do some thinking together about how one goes about preparing and leading Bible studies. Come see Jesus with fresh eyes!


Christian Life Class: Session I (Aug. 26-Oct. 14): Narnia: A Gospel-Shaped World

 Teacher: Taylor Rollo

In this class, we will take a look at the world that C. S. Lewis imagined in Narnia, how it took shape in his mind, how it mirrors the gospel story and the Christian life, and highlights from each book. The class will look at one of the seven Narnia books each week, so if you are interested in attending this class, now would be a great time to start reading! Reading each book will not be a requirement for the class, but you will get a lot more out of the discussions if you have read the books recently. See Pastor R. if you have questions.


Christian Life Class: Session II (Oct. 21-Dec. 16): Bioethics and the Christian

  Teacher: Taylor Rollo

This class will take a look at how the Bible and a Christian worldview inform bioethics (the ethics of medical decisions) and explore making biblical, wise, and difficult decisions on beginning- and end-of-life issues and challenges. More information to come in early October! See Pastor R.