Adult Sunday School Classes

Grace Covenant Adult Classes: Winter Session

January 20th-March 10th    ~    9:30-10:30 am Sundays


College Class: Biblical Ethics

Teachers: Bill Reynolds, Kyle Strom, and Andy Wood

The Winter and Spring the College class will study the 10 Commandments, trying to understand what each one both forbids and requires. We will spend time after breakfast each Sunday looking at how the Commandments form the framework of Biblical Ethics and how the law leads us to the end of ourselves, helping us see our need for a Savior. We will also spend an extended time of study on questions relating to Sexual Ethics. Rides are provided from the Hokie Grill parking lot at 9:20am. Breakfast is also served every Sunday morning. While geared for students of VT, RU, and NRCC, we love to have a few older adults attend the class as well. See Andy if interested.

Bible Class: Genesis 37-50: The Gospel According to Joseph

Teacher: Doug Bowman

The story of Joseph in Genesis 37-50 is one that anyone who has grown up in the church probably knows pretty well. We all know of how Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, jailed for being faithful to his master, and eventually rose to great power in Egypt, but it is easy to read this story and miss its importance to the history of redemption, how it points us to Christ, and how it shows us the gospel, even in Genesis. So, this class will study this story again in the light of Jesus Christ, seeing the gospel of many colors and how it changes our lives. This is a great class for visitors to attend!


Christian Life Women’s Class: Crazy Busy

Teacher: Katelyn Printz

Our daily lives are spilling over with activities, commitments, and responsibilities that seem endlessly demanding. Yet, somehow even when time to rest avails itself, rarely do we take it and use it wisely—to enhance our spiritual well-being. To see who the gospel addresses this epidemic problem, this class will study Kevin DeYoung’s short book Crazy Busy. Ironically, the book is extremely short, with most chapters being 5-10 pages in length, but it teaches great, practical ways to begin to think biblically about the busyness of our schedules, our hearts, and the potential areas of sin that often propel us to sprint through life at a break-neck pace. Books are available on the book table for $9.


Christian Life Men’s Class: The Whole Christ

Teacher: Taylor Rollo

Since we are saved by grace alone, does the law of God have a place in the life of a Christian? This perennial question is essential to answer if we are to be faithful followers of Christ, but often Christians fall either to the side of legalism or lawlessness and both are unbiblical. This class will watch and discuss a DVD series where Dr. Sinclair Ferguson illustrates the biblical relationship between God’s grace and our work, helping us live lives faithful to God, in our rest in His grace and works for His glory. Dr. Ferguson makes it clear that the solution to both legalism and lawlessness is the same: a right understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.