What To Expect When You Visit

One visitor described our worship as “reverent and relaxed at the same time.”  We hope so, because that would exactly reflect the gospel of God’s grace to us.  We approach a holy and all-powerful God, and so we come before Him respectfully, full of awe and wonder.  At the same time, we approach Him in the name of Jesus, who forgives all our sins and makes our worship acceptable.  So our worship service tries to reflect this great reality – we come to God full of worship and awe, and yet at peace with Him through Christ (Romans 5:1).

So what does that look like at Grace Covenant?  Our worship service begins at 10:45am, and is usually dismissed around 12:15pm.  There is a nursery for infants and toddlers, as well as a children’s worship time for age three through first grade during the sermon.  There is also a cry room in back for nursing mothers or others in need.  There is no dress code other than modesty.  Some folks come in coat and tie or nice dresses, while others wear jeans.  The important thing is to come clothed in humility, faith and an expectant spirit.

As for the service itself, you will find it to be a simple Protestant service consisting of the Word, Prayer and Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper). It is filled with Scripture from beginning to end.  We sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Colossians 3:16), both traditional and contemporary.  Most weeks, we engage in congregational prayer together, since this is in part a “family gathering” (Acts 2:42).  The first week of the month, we renew our commitment to our need for grace by taking the Lord’s Supper together.  And every Sunday, one of the pastors explains God’s Word in a sermon, normally working his way through a particular book of the Bible.  You can expect that you will hear the gospel of God’s free grace in Jesus Christ.

We warmly welcome visitors, and would love to have you.  We do not put pressure on anyone to give money or make any sort of commitments for which they are not ready.  We are all about God’s grace, doing our best to meet people wherever they are in their spiritual journey.  You are welcome to jump right in, or just sit in the back, taking your time to figure things out.  Either way, we would love to meet you.  Welcome!